UEBOT Live Trading on 1/25/2019:Closed position profit 1.2%

UEBOT is a Cloud-based Automated Bitcoin Trading Service, users do not need to downloads, install and deploy software and R&D transaction strategies. Only need to provide the exchange account API KEY to start the quantitative transaction, ensuring that the assets on the account are completely managed by the customer, and the user who has completed the real-name authentication can try it for free for 1 year.

UEBOT uses the API KEY created by the users from cryptocurrency exchange account, and only can use for purchase and sell transaction. The whole process automatically performs the trading operation on behalf of the user in its cryptocurrency exchange account. UEBOT will do a lot of market in the process of automated trading and will also short the market, as long as the market is volatile, there will be profit opportunities.

In order to let more investors understand how the trading strategy of UEBOT – Cloud-based Automated Bitcoin Trading Robot Service works, we continuously update the trading signals generated by the market analysis engine and the Bitfinex real trading data very day.

Today’s real trading data
The market analysis engine triggered the liquidation signal at 03:48 on the 25th and completed the liquidation at 03:48. Today UEBOT Quantitative Trading Robot example is waiting for the liquidation signal.

The following are detailed trading data for today’s closure:

Date of warehousing: 08:13 01/24/2019
Warehouse currency: BTC/USD
Building warehouse direction: long
Average warehouse price: 3620 USD
Construction principal: 3.89 BTC
Quantity of warehouse construction: 7.77 BTC
Warehouse Lever: 2 times
Closing date: 03:48 01/25/2019
Average closing price: 3648 USD
Closing Quantity: 7.77 BTC
Closing profit and loss (BTC): 0.05 BTC
Closing profit and loss (%): 1.2% = 0.6% *2
Closing principal: 3.94 BTC

The following is a screenshot of Bitfinex’s actual position:

Summary of real trading data
Start date: 10/19/2018
Running days: 99 days
Initial principal: 5.00 BTC
Current principal: 3.94 BTC
Cumulative yield: -21% (-1.06 BTC)

The following is a real-quantity trading account details page of UEBOT management platform.

This article is only for communication and sharing. It does not constitute any investment advice. There are risks in the currency market, please invest with spare money and bear the losses by yourself!

Official website: https://uebot.com

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