UEBOT Live Trading on 11/24/2018: square position / Cumulative profit 22%

UEBOT Live Trading on 11/24/2018: square position / Cumulative profit 22%

In order to let more investors understand how the trading strategy of UEBOT – Cloud-based Automated Bitcoin Trading Robot Service works, we continuously update the trading signals generated by the market analysis engine and the Bitfinex real trading data very day.

Overview of today’s market
After Bitcoin had a small white candle yesterday, the price rebounded to around 4495, and the lowest hit to around 4210, creating a new low. It can be seen at the daily level that the current is a big short trend, and it was created on November 20th. The low point of 4303 was barely maintained for two days. Yesterday, the shorts broke the low point and the lowest hit the 4210 area. This made the bulls feel a little breathless, but the daily level is not suitable for chasing. The price has been far from the moving average, and the bitcoin price has a callback demand. On the other hand, if the short position at this time, the stop loss needs to be placed on the 5700 line, the first target of the take profit can only look at 4210, the profit and loss ratio is not worthwhile.

Today’s real trading data
Today, bitfinex Exchange BTC / USD trading is showing a slight shift, and the UEBOT analysis engine is not yet trading signal, so an instance of the UEBOT Quant Trader bots is waiting for a trading signal.

Summary of real trading data
Start date: 10/19/2018
Running days: 36days
Initial principal: 5.00 BTC
Current principal: 6.10 BTC
Cumulative yield: 22% (1.1 BTC)

The following is a real-quantity trading account details page of UEBOT management platform.
스크린샷 2018-11-24 오후 11.56.11.png

This article is only for communication and sharing. It does not constitute any investment advice. There are risks in the currency market, please invest with spare money and bear the losses by yourself! Interested partners can scan the WeChat public number of UEBOT so that you can know the status of UEBOT in the first time.

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